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Colorless and transparent silicone hammer tone agent with solution Deuspec HM-6

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Место происхождения: US
бренд: BNK
сертификация: SGS
Номер модели: Deuspec HM-6
Минимальное количество для заказа: 50kg/200kg
Упаковка Подробности: 50Kg/200Kg plastic tank
Срок Поставки: 2-3 weeks after received customer confirmation
условия платежа: L/CT/TD/P
Возможность поставки: 100000 barrel

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Подробное описание продукта

Colorless and transparent silicone hammer tone agent with solution Deuspec HM-6


Technical data
Compound: Silicone polymer compounds

Appearance: clear liquid

Non volatile: 9-11%

Solvent: xylene

Proportion: 0.86-0.88

Viscosity: 100-150 cps

Features and Function

Usually add in the last stage of dilution or color toning. Please keep aware not to pollute other products;

Aromatic solvents such as toluene, xylene, ketones or loose perfume, etc. Can be used for dilution;

The hammer finish various from different batches, and even various under the same batch, please have test before use to ensure the uniformity of the patterns. And it’s normal for all kinds of hammer finish and hammer agent;

With high dosage, you can get lighter pattern but relatively low compatibility. Keep aware of the storage stability. If the finished coatings has segregation, please use after filtering.


Application fields
Aluminum powder paint, like baking paint, blending paint, spray paint.


Recommended dosage
The recommended dosage is 0.05-0.5%.

Low dosage results in thick pattern, high dosage results in light pattern(depends on resins). For optimum performance, please perform test before use.


Storage and transportation

Keep the product store in a shady and cool place, avoid sunlight, raining and leaking. Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks and open flames. Containers should be stored under the temperature of 25.



The product contains solvents, please be awear when use and avoid eye or skin exposure. For more details,please refer to the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).


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